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Nov 26, 2013 4:00am PST
the tech team will be required to work through thanksgiving. a spokeswoman for the centers for medicare and medicaid services says work is happening 24/7, to get the site fixed by november 30th. on the subject of healthcare let's talk about drug costs. everybody knows generics are a lot cheaper than name brands but not all patients choose them, they just have more confidence in the more expensive name brand drugs. turns out, many doctors feel the same way. the independent non-profit investigative organization pro publica found hundreds of doctors who routinely prescribe name brands for their medicare patients, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year. tracy weber is propublica's senior reporter and she joins us via skype. it's important because there's a huge difference between costs here between generics and the name brands. > >that's right. sometimes the name brand drug can be 6,7,10 times more expensive than the generic and we found a small group of doctors were prescribing almost exclusively the most expensive brand names. > >this was for medicare part d and that ac
Nov 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
. a spokeswoman for the centers for medicare and medicaid confirms "dozens" of contractors have been brought to help fix the site. puerto rico is in a debt crisis - and it's attracting investors. municipal bond prices have fallen nearly 40 percent. so-called "vulture investors" are swooping in and buying the bonds at rockbottom prices, betting on a turn around. distressed greek bonds turned out to a huge win for risk takers.. the federal aviation administration plans to relax rules regarding electronic devices. passengers can leave e-readers and smartphones powered on, but on airplane mode during takeoffs and landings. .previously -- the f-a-a was concerned leaving electronics on would cause interference. it says it will implement the changes soon. passengers are paying more to travel during the holidays. jeanenne tornatore of orbitz joins us now... good morning jeanenne! what's a good booking strategy? as airlines tack on fees-- what should passender carrying gifts do? are airlines any kinder to families looking to sit together? ideas for people who might want to go away for thanksgiving
Nov 6, 2013 4:00am PST
into question on capitol hill. yesterday, medicare administrator marilyn tavenner admited to a senate committee only a few consumers could create accounts in the first days the site went live. we have now resolved that issue. users can successfully create an account and go through the enrollment process. we are able now to process nearly 17,000 registrants per hour or five per second with almost no errors. well, i'm going to be blunt, because i really want this to be a success, and my job is to pinpoint solutions, not finger point, looking at a retro way. i think it is very confusing. senator barbara mikulski of maryland--says 73,000 people in her district are losing their health insurance because their policies don't meet the standards set by the affordable care act and will need to shop for insurance on the website. kentucky is on the sucess stories. with more than 1,000 residents signing up each day since october 1st on the state's site "kynect." there are hints that the justice department is close to a deal to allow a merger between american and u.s. airways after all. the doj
Oct 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
with health the center for medicare and medicaid services says the high tech manpower will help solve issues to handle large scale operations. the government is promising that the site will be running properly by the end of next month. >>> our connective world is getting even more connected. now the faa is allowing passengers to use electronic devices. travelers had a universal reaction tonight. it's about time. deborah. >> reporter: it's a rule that frustrating passengers and some shrug at it. several passengers left their cell phone on when it was supposed to be off. but soon it won't matter anymore. >> when you can get diamonds and stuff. >> reporter: mind craft on his i pad mini kept robert entertained flying five hours today. >> it occupies his time really well. we're really looking forward to when we can play all the way through till the landing. how does that sound. >> reporter: for delta customers that day may be tomorrow. it's the first airline to clear the faa required safety checks proving its fleet can operate with cell phones, laptopping, tablets and e readers on. >
Nov 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
there with social security, medicare, affordable care for all americans as their right not a privilege. >> reporter: president obama met with assurance executives on friday in hopes of getting their support to renew policy that is were cancelled. >>> new video of tonight shows the effect of typhoon haiyan as it surged through the philippine island. haiyan was the biggest typhoon ever to make land fall. >> we have to gather food. we have to gather water. we have to make anything out of anything that we have left. >> reporter: people in the devastated city waited for long lines to get rations of water and sardines. >>> here in the bay area relief efforts continue even though there's concern of what they're calling donor fatigue. raising funds and supplies here doesn't seem to be a problem. >> reporter: inside the church of st. isabela there were prayers for those lost. and outside the church on parish grounds an effort to render aid to the victims of typhoon. one of those tropping off supplies is azella metzger. >> my uncle was lost. thankfully they all survived. >> reporter: after more than a week o
Nov 29, 2013 11:00pm PST
, resulting on many resulting on government assistance. >> some qualify for food stamps, medicare and medicaid, some get section 8 they can't afford housing. >> reporter: she was taken into custody she said it was hard to make ends meet when she worked there. >> i don't own a car, live in my parents old home i had to take on a second job. i had two part-time jobs. >> reporter: they claim 99% of employees make more than minimum wage paying 1 1.8 $3 an hour for part and full time. protestors say they would like to make a base of 25,000 dollars a year. >> that is a poverty wage they are taking on second jobs, having to use food stamps, rental assistance other public programs to get by. >> reporter: managers expected today's protest which for the most part was peaceful. they are not surprised it was black friday. >> we are not surprised there are some people out there using this platform to get their message out. we understand that, don't like it but respect their right to do that. >> reporter: protestors don't want people to boycott wal-mart but want people paid enough to take care of their famil
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6